A Fate’s thoughts

This originally came to me in the beginning of August, before the 6th. It hasn’t been interpreted yet so any comment is appreciated~☆

Water and earth

Heaven and earth

Lengthen and shorten

Practical and impulsive

A moment and an eternity in time

A third must come to fasten or break the threads

The unsteady bonds of opposites


Dominant and submissive

Sun and moon

The reflection will show the lies and truths hidden

The doors must be locked and opened

With time, those lost will be found


Going and staying

My heart cannot stand alone

Affection and lust are temporary and lasting

Confident and anxious

The tides will come and go

The eternal flame will not be lit and will not be extinguished


Metal will run and rust

The end is near and far

Darkness will hold and fade

The start and end

All is set for the wheel to turn




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