Bird Cage Translation

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Bird Cage

Part two of the UtopiA Series

By: COIN original music studio

Disclaimer: I do not own the actual song. The translations are mine, but they are for free use and that I can not read or speak Chinese so if any part of the translations is strange or wrong, please contact me. If used, please credit me.

沙漏計翻折 眼前蔓延深紅
她抬頭仰望 那片蒼灰天空

歷史的重演 已經無法知曉
夢中下墜前 閉眼再次祈禱
這世界依然 如同往日喧囂
隔過鐵絲網 禁錮於此地的小鳥
漫步在那條 繁華熟悉街道
黑白人行線 銘記什麼紛擾
漆黑人群間 青年身影孤傲
凝視那邊界 瞳中又將什麼映照

不斷重疊 與交織 的對像生命線
尋跡變演 再計算 那邂逅又將重現
加諸於此 連詰問 亦構成系統缺陷
此刻便傾 頹這世 界如同我所願
幾近窒息 奔跑在 螺旋梯的邊沿
步伐漸重 腳下似 糾纏著無形鎖鏈
鐵網封閉 抬頭也 看不到的那一邊
又有誰讀 秒著牢 籠之外的時間

紅雀高唱 雙翅被捆綁
在何方 重複的反抗 又將
不斷徬徨 編織名為夢的虛妄
時光漫長 看守者隱藏
那狂妄 無謂的念想
應當 不再奢望 連感情也一併埋葬

現在推算 並重構 那邏輯終結點
依舊錯亂 又循環 秩序也瞬息萬變
再次睜眼 不去想 空洞無力的謊言
此刻就 掙脫那 束縛雙腳的鎖鏈
沙漏再次 被倒轉 嶄新世界重編
灰色天際 縫隙外 狂想家宣判終焉
不斷追逐 與殺戮 看守者凝視的眼
紅雀又 何時能 飛向天空的界限

冰封的心願 已然無力申辯
所謂的終結 過後依舊上演
紅雀的歌聲 迴響在他耳邊
她永被囚於 他創造的完美伊甸


The sand of the hourglass turns crimson

She looked up to the patch of grey sky


History repeats again without us knowing

Pray with closed eyes again before descending into fantasy

This world is still noisy as it was in the past

Small birds fly over the barbed wire that surrounds this land

Wandering through the familiar bustling streets

With black and white pedestrian lines, keeping any troubles in mind

Dark aloof silhouettes amongst the crowd of youth

Turn to gaze onto what shines beyond


Constantly overlapping and interweaving like a lifeline

Locate the change to predict and produce the encounter

Restricting the investigation of this system also constitutes a flaw

Now this world falls soon after I wished for it

Almost choking while running up the edge of the spiral staircase

With steps gradually getting heavier like invisible chains

The iron bars make it hard to see clearly the other side

Who is counting down the seconds outside the cage


The cardinal sings with both wings tied down

Constantly resisting again

Fears create false dreams

Hiding from the owner

These arrogant unnecessary thoughts and ideas

Feeling should not be expected to be buried with everything else


Now reconstruct the projected endpoint

But confusion can still greatly change the cycle of order

Too weak to open my eyes to see the empty lies again

To break the chains binding my legs

The hourglass was turned over to rest this world

The grey horizon finally sentences the end to the illusion of home

Constantly pursuing and breaking the owner’s gaze

When will the cardinal be able to fly to end of the sky again


Weakly defending the already frozen wish

It still plays after the so-called end

The cardinal’s song echoes in his ear

She was forever a prisoner in his perfectly created world






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