The Fates

This is a page dedicated to the information that I found, discovered, and interpreted about the Three Fates. This page will be updated once in a while to reflect the amount of new information found.

  • Also known as: Moirai, Parcae, Matonae/Matres/Triple Goddess
  • Past: Clotho, Nona, or Urðr – the one who weaves the threads of life, youngest sister
  • Present: Lachesis, Decuma, or Verðandi – the one who measures the threads, middle sister
  • Future: Atropos, Morta, or Skuld – the one who cuts the threads, eldest sister
  • Greek/Roman – Moirai/Parcae
    • Three goddesses who determined human destinies, and in particular the span of a person’s life and his allotment of misery and suffering
    • Feared by the other gods
    • Were tricked by Apollo to extend the life of Admetus in exchange for the life of his wife, Alcestis who was returned to the living by Heracles
    • The past sister is capable of extending the life (deciding if the mortal gets to continue living or die at their die at their designated time of death)
    • The time of death is conditional, meaning that it can change and not absolute
    • The Goddess of Fate as well as the Goddess of Death (appearing alongside the Keres and Erinyes)
    • Live in the Underworld, where they keep the Archives of the Fates
    • The youngest sister can see the present, the middle sister can see all of the past, and the eldest sister can see the potential future
    • They can use dices to determine the outcome of a person’s future
    • In Roman mythology – Nona = goddess of pregancy, Decima = goddess of childbirth, and Morta = goddess of death
  • Norse
    • They are one type of Norns
    • They draw water from the well and take sand that lies around it, which they pour over Yggdrasill so that its branches will not rot.
    • Skuld appeared as a Valkyrie
  • My interpretations
    • One or all of them are missing in the “Overlay” or the Elysium, causing the time of this world to go out of order as humans are dying too quickly
    • One of them is Cassiel’s mate (likely to be the Past sister as most of the mates are opposites to each other)
    • Confused and conflicted by Cassiel’s involvement with the war of angels (now know the reason but cannot say without permission from one of the people involved)
    • The Past sister is likely to be of the water element as Cassiel works best with those of water alignment
    • Past provides the history and thread, Cassiel determines the length with the sisters, Present measures it out, and Future cuts the life according to their previous decision
    • The past sister likes fun but can be serious when she needs to be, the present sister is quiet and shy unless excited, and the future sister is always serious.
    • The present sister has been briefly spotted by Merlight. It appears she’s doing fine and was said to have a long piece of floating see through cloth around her  (think ancient Chinese fairies)
    • Cats, they have lots and lots of cats that come and go in their home.

Edit (April 17, 2017)

  • Nona usually wears black for her everyday outfits, and white attire for special occasions like important events and celebrations
    • Has wings that she can hide or change the colour of, tends to hide them if there is an important event
    • Usually has hair up in a bun, and lets it down for special occasions
    • Met a certain rabbit in Cassiel’s domain on her way to drag Cassiel out of his office for a important event
  • The sisters live on the outskirt of Elysium in hell
    • In a garden where it is always night
    • Black grass everywhere, except for the center where the light hits a giant tree, encircled by green grass and stream
    • They live in the giant tree, that has a small tree inside it surrounded by their Archive
    • Nona tends to visit Cassiel I’m his domain often

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