My interpretation of “A patio by the Sea”

This is a poem from Merlight, “A Patio by the Sea”.

Sea of deep, ocean blue and green
This shadowed plane between eternity
Why am I wearing this soft white dress
Why is your hair tied high and swinging in the wind?

You, angel, of solitude and tears
You’re not alone, don’t you fear
Isn’t that why you called me here?

Offer me aegis, offer me protection
Save my wings from crystallization

Hold to your promise, please be true
Come and ask for my answer
At the full moon.

Searching for you, searching for you
Wherever I go!
The one place I haven’t looked
Was within my soul

You, angel, of solitude and tears
You’re not alone, don’t you fear
For that is why you called me here.

Ok~ where to begin…? The first stanza makes me think of the first Tokyo Ghoul opening. The part before the glass shatters with all the water and clouds. Two people are standing there, one wearing a white dress while the other as their hair in high pony tail. It’s very peaceful as if time has stopped and there is no other worries.

The second stanza reveals the identity of one of the people, Cassiel. This place is probably his place of isolation where he watches time. He had called the other person there for a reason not truly explained other than to ease his loneliness.

The third stanza is asking of protection from Cassiel, both mortal and divine. Also asking for their wings to be protected. It could be angel wings or their freedom that they are begging to not be harden. It could be a reference to the tainting where the wings becomes heavy like stone with the weight of their sins. Or their freedom will weigh them in some way.

The fourth stanza speaks of a promise, of course. Though what it is may be different than the offer of protection. All we know is that the other person is asking for Cassiel to keep and come for their answer at the full moon. This does say which full moon so he may have to wait for the next one or the millions after that.

The fifth stanza say of a search before Cassiel called them. Trying to look everywhere to find Cassiel while not looking inside themselves. They haven’t accepted him into or back into their life at this point.

The last stanza is a repeat of the second one with one change, gather question becomes an affirmation. The person has found Cassiel.

Overall, this gives a feeling of reunion between Cassiel and perhaps his friend/mate. Mate does not mean mating in normal terms. It just means that they meant to be together, could be working together or loving each other. But, they’re in Cassiel’s place of isolation on a full moon. Happy to see each other again.

Whoa. That took a while. Anyway, that was my interpretation of Merlight’s poem. I hope you enjoyed it~

P.S. I do not own the poem or the featured image.


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