The Lucky Butterfly

This is something I wrote for Merlight. I hope this will give you a look into what I see of your family. Please know that I bear no ill will but this is a warning (though I do think that they are annoying flies that need to die~).

The Lucky Butterfly


Luck luck luck

That is all your family long for

But karma is coming

If they do not change

Then the winds will change and become a storm

Love love love

That is needed for the luck

Without proper love, the luck they receive may not be the luck they want

Speaking of the devil will bring the devil to reality

Speaking of love and happiness will bring new love and happiness

Leave leave leave

The baby birds must leave the nest

The lion cubs who survive the fall off the cliff

The ones who let their children leave on a journey after preparing them

They will come back home stronger and wiser, bringing luck and hope to the family

The leaves will always fall back to the roots

Become the soil that supports the tree if given love

Become the rot that will destroy it if not given care

They search for the next lunar princess

While neglecting the one that they have

The princess will become an empress

Having the choice to forgive

Or to declare war

The kind princess’ will become into her role to give out her judgements

Those who have earned her ire will find it turned towards them

The cards and fate will not save them for they are not lost

They are the fallen ones who have been too many chances

The butterfly will take to the sky

Taking their luck with it and give it to those more deserving


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