Meet Shimizu Hisoka Takara~

Shimizu Hisoka Takara is the Miracle Tarot deck by Reiko Shimizu, that I got back in July that I did not name until now due to a busy schedule. But now, I finally named them (identifies as a “they”) after a conversation~ The featured image is the cover of the tarot deck by Reiko Shimizu.

  • What’s your main mission/message in this world?
    • Reverse “Star” – lack of faith, despair, discouragement
      • Don’t loss hope!
      • Give up trying to use rational mind to resolve things
      • Meditate to awaken oneself to deeper insights
        • They’re trying to tell me that I should have more faith in myself and that I should trying to use logic for everything, trusting my instinct more
  • What is important to you?
    • Reverse “Ace of Swords” – Confusion, chaos, lack of clarity
      • Using strong powers of concentration to eliminate any wasteful thinking.
        • They believe that not having any wasteful thoughts is important
  • What do you need to share with me?
    • Reverse “King of Swords” – Manipulative, tyrannical, abusive
      • Extreme caution should be taken under present circumstances
        • Please don’t ask, there have been some trying times…
  • What do you like me to know about you?
    • “Ten of Pentacles” – Wealth, inheritance, family, establishment, retirement
      • A certain degree of success has been reached in life/present situation
      • A feeling of confidence/security has been achieved.
        • They’re happy to be with me~
  • Do you have a favourite card in this deck?
    • Reverse “High Priestess” – Hidden agenda, need to listen to inner voice
      • Favourite card is the High Priestess due to the reverse meaning of listening to the inner voice
        • They also trying to help me out with that more…
  • What is your biggest fear?
    • Reverse “World” – Lack of completion, lack of closure
      • Period of stagnation where is blocked/hesitating in effort to put situation to rest
      • Lack of motivation and resistance to completing what must be done in order to finalize current life experience
        • They fear stagnation and having a lack of motivation in completing goals
  • Which card sums up your personality?
    • “Four of Pentacles” – control, stability, security, possession, conservatism
      • Conform and practical security in life, stability has its rewards
        • They have a pretty stable personality compared to me~
  • What can I do for you that would ensure we have a good relationship?
    • “The Magician” – Power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness
      • Use intuition, self-confidence, will power, intelligence, and skill in action will lead to success and accomplishment
        • Using all of the traits listed above will lead us to a successful relationship
  • What do you identify as?
    • Reverse “Four of Cups” – Boredom, missed opportunity, being aloof
      • here are new relationships forming in person’s life that can “turn the cups over,” spilling out these hidden and unconscious feelings.
      • Such experiences can be a very good thing, offering opportunities to stimulate development and growth
        • Identify as neither as a male or a female, so I will refer to Takara using “they” and “their”


Meaning behind the chosen name

  • Shimizu = Pure water –> surname
    • Used to honour the mangaka who made the tarot deck
  • Hisoka = reserved, cautious (normally unisexed or for a boy) –> middle name
    • To reflect their personality of stability but fear of stagnation, I decided on Hisoka~
      • The middle name also came from their namesake from HunterXHunter, Hisoka the clown~
      • I wish for my deck to cause mayhem with an innocent and calm expression~
      • Having too much peace is boring~ You need some chaos to spice life up~
  • Takara = treasure (normally for a girl) –> first name
    • This deck is my treasure~

So overall, they’re my “reserved and cautious treasure”~


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