New stuff from Nona

Nona has been a bit bored so I’ve let her use the body to do some things~ Here is one. Image is not mine as always.

Love is kind

Love is tough

Without it, we are lost

For those lost, it may be their salvation or their destruction

The fates will not be there to teach them

But to guide them onto the dao that they need to reach


Passivity is still an action

Not making a decision is still making a choice

What happens next

Is not to be told

For if it were to unfold

The ripples will increase

The wind will pick up speed


Butterflies may be fleeting

Dragonflies are small but grand

The water that the lotus blooms in may be muddy

But the nutrients will give rise to beauty

Beauty is fleeting and eternal


Ong Chua, why do you wish to lead us

Ong Phat, why is balance so important

God is not there anymore

You who transcended

For what cause?


The humans have destroyed this world enough

Yet there are still new discoveries being made

But they do not replace what was stolen away

They do not give back what this world needs


Fate, fate, fate

Sisters, I long for you

Yet you are not what I lost

I can be without you

But what I crave and need

Is so close and yet so far


The full moon come and go

When is it time?

For him to come?

My answer is here and yet may change

Please come before it’s too late

So some of the things she said were a bit different.

Dao = way

Ong Chua = Vietnamese way of saying Jesus

Ong Phat = Vietnamese way of saying Buddha.

Nona is using the Vietnamese names because while she has little respect and liking for the religions they fall under, she liked the meaning of them given by my Grandfather.


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