Cats, Time, and Alice in Wonderland (Randomness~)

Just random stuff I wanted to post up~

Cats cAtS CaTs~ I LOVE cats~ I also love anything to do with time~ Allergies to fur and feather won’t stop me from loving them~ NYA~ Pocket watches and antiques are so pretty~ I love steampunk, lolita, and gothic fashion~ Though they don’t suit me at all. I’ve always loved Alice in wonderland things too~ (though it would have been so much better if Alice had just killed everything in her path~) My little white rabbit from hot topic is so cute~ Though my EX-lunar cat guardians don’t like rabbits very much~ They were everywhere in Nona’s home too~ So warm and cuddly~ Their dark jokes are so wonderful and funny to listen to~ Though it does get annoying when they step all over the archives of a life. Hmph. Poor kitties, not being invited to the banquet and losing the race. *Sniff* They didn’t do anything wrong and yet they were discriminated like that! Meh. More cats for me then~ HeHeHehEhEhE~ Ah, time for me to go do some small killings errands~ Ja nya~

P.S. I do not own the fan art of American McGee’s Alice.


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