Everyday Inspiration – Day One

Day One: I write because…

I write to let my demons out

I write to express the small amount that I can

I write because I can’t express myself out loud

I am not a good speaker or listener

I am not even that good of a writer

But, I write to let myself out

I have to for my voice won’t come out properly in person

I can’t write well enough to give the tone that I want

But I write because I have to

Like the stars, they shine bright in the night

But I’m not a star so I’ll settle for being a rock

I want to love myself but I can’t

That’s why I’m a fool, a jester

I long to bring smiles and long lasting happiness into other peoples lives

But I only bring short lived joys and despair in

I cannot express myself well but I can try to write it out so that others can read what I feel

I am just a jester for your entertainment

For that is all I can even hope to amount to in this world

A joke, a mockery of a human shell

I want to find myself in what I do and yet

My cowardice holds me back

I am nothing and everything due to the traditions taught to me

My roots means everything and nothing to me

People tell me to hold onto my family and also let them go

What can I do other than to bottle it up inside then or write in the few words that I can

My black stars may not be like other people’s

But they are mine and I do not wish to just show people the scars that I hide in my soul

So I show the ones that are physical and real to their senses

To hide the fact

That I am nothing

Yet, to others I am everything

Therefore, I write for I must if not

I will fall further into the hole that I have dug for myself

I study psychology and yet I still cannot understand myself or others around me

I pretend to, for I seem better than what I truly am

But, in the end

I am nothing but what I write and show

My little show and tell is little

But it is enough for me

I don’t need a lot of people to see me for what I am

But I need some who can see it

What I am when I show the opposite

I cannot do anything

Yet I can do so many things

My limitations are my way of thinking

But thinking can show a part of the path

That is why I write

I do not own the featured image from Amnesia the game and anime.


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