Nona’s Readings

Warning: My interpretations are very simple and very straight forward. Feel free to add any comments. I do not own the featured image.

Astrology spread done on August 21, 2016

  • House 1 – basic personality, characteristic/physical appearance: Reverse ‘9 of wands”
    • On edge, defensive, hesitant, paranoid
    • She still is paranoid from her experience of being chased from Elysium to this plane of reality
  • House 2 – practical issues (money, possessions, individual life values): Reverse ‘Hermit’
    • Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal
    • She is literally isolated from the world in this body. She can only interact with my friends and other people through different mediums that she feels comfortable with (like the computer or writing)
  • House 3 – short journeys, education, communication, and siblings: Reverse ‘7 of swords’
    • Caught out, challenged, breaking habits
    • She has some habits that she needs to break at the moment or some of her values about any of the issues mentioned are being challenged
  • House 4 – all domestic issues and especially relationship with mother: Reverse ’10 of Pentacles’
    • Financial failure, loneliness, loss
    • She doesn’t have any more domestic responsiblities that she can remember as she has lost a lot of her memories. Meaning that she does not fully remember her mother.
  • House 5 – creativity, romance, and children: Blank
    • There were 2/3 blank cards in Takara, I added them into the deck since I thought that they were meaningful as blank slates/no history
    • There’s a creative block on her at the moment and I’m trying to fix that
    • She can’t have any romance or children in this body at the moment… May change when she can finally access the Elysium a bit
  • House 6 – health, work, and pets: Reverse ‘King of Wands’
    • Impulsiveness, haste, ruthless, high expectations
    • Ruthless and high expectations in her work and health, as expected of a fate
    • Loves trying to get close to cats (this body can’t handle fur or feathers. But I can still love them~)
  • House 7 – relationships in general and marriage in particular: Reverse ‘Page of Pentacles’
    • Lack of progress/planning, short-term focus
    • No shit. Can’t even communicate with Cassiel at all yet.
  • House 8 – sex, other people’s money, death, and regeneration: ‘Judgement’
    • Judgement, rebirth, inner calling, absolution
    • Not sure how related to sex or other people’s money but she is the one who judges death and regeneration
  • House 9 – religion, philosophy, long journeys, and spiritual aspiration: Reverse ’10 of Cups’
    • Misalignment of values, broken home/marriage
    • No shit. Being stuck with an idiotic atheistic whose values don’t match a lot of the time can’t be helpful
  • House 10 – career and social position in life: ‘5 of Swords’
    • Conflict, tension, loss, defeat, win at all cost, betrayal
    • Felt betrayed and lost her powerful position before coming to this plane of reality
  • House 11 – social life, friends, and one’s community: ‘King of Pentacles’
    • Security, control, power, discipline, abundance
    • She’s starting to reach out to my friends involved with Elysium
  • House 12 – hidden matters, secret friends, and enemies: ‘8 of Cups’
    • Escapism, disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal
    • … this body is not helping anything, is it?

General question asked on August 21, 2016

  1. ‘Past’: Reverse ‘Queen of Pentacles”
    • Imbalance in work/family commitments
    • Was in doubt/not knowing who to trust
  2. ‘Basis of question’/’Present’: Reverse ‘4 of Cups’
    • Boredom, missed opportunity, being aloof
    • New relations that stimulates development/growth
    • How she is feeling at the moment
  3. ‘Future’: Reverse ‘5 of Pentacles’
    • Recovery from financial loss, spiritual poverty
    • Hope is there in the future for her
  4. ‘Kicker’/’What you need to do to get or avoid the future indicated’: ‘4 of Wands’
    • Celebration, harmony, marriage, home, community
    • Nona need to pay her dues and work hard in order to have the future indicated

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