Everyday Inspiration – Day 3: One Word Prompt 

Word chosen from list: Regret

There is a lot of things that I regret in life even though my mother wishes for the word to not be in my vocabulary. I regret not studying harder. I regret many of the lies that I had told. I regret not being a better and supportive child to my family. I regret not heeding my mother’s words of trying to speak out loud more in public instead shielding myself behind her, that eventually developed into social anxiety. I even sometimes regret born into this life.

But, there are also many things that I will never regret and am grateful for the chance to do. Getting into university and meeting new people. Learning how to play the piano or how to dance. Taking psychology as my major.

We may have many regrets in this world but there are also so many things that we are grateful for. Life is ugly but also beautiful. It is all in the eye of the beholder. If we only try to see what we want to see, that is what we will receive most of the time due to the unconscious confirmation bias and the reaction that we get from others. The environment can influence us but we too can influence the world around us. Free will is half a lie and half a truth. For we can make choices based on what the environment has given us, where our choices can impact the environment and outcome based on our prespective.

Our choices, no matter good or bad, will become our wings to fly through the sky. The fates and cards will honour the choices made, for it was a tentative end that was determined at birth.

As always, I do not own the featured image.


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