Everyday Inspiration, Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

This is the story that I got from this picture and more research about certain things~ The picture belongs to Qing Han or otherwise known as Qinni. Please go follow her on Instagram, Tumblr, Deviantart, or Facebook to see more of her beautiful art.

Inside an abandoned theater, where the lights were never on anymore and forgotten costumes littered the dressing rooms, a single bell rang through the air. Then, on the dust covered stage, a spotlight turned on to reveal a single jester in the middle. The jester wore a suit of a grey vest and white dress pants with a blood red jacket on top. They were wearing the makeup and hat of a jester.

The jester took a bow with their hand over their heart before opening their mouth, “Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all! To a night filled with a story from a time lost and forgotten, much like this theater told by I, Bloody Earth otherwise known as just as Blood. The tale speaks of hidden secrets and truths with more questions created than answered.” The jester walked to the edge of the stage before dramatically swinging both arms to the side, “It is a tale never told before until now! I present to you the tale of the Timeless Promise!”

Blood Earth walked over and sat on the edge of the stage, swinging their legs as they began to narrate, “Once a upon a time, our love story begins with…”

A couple, man and woman, were looking out over a cliff near the sea. The war was about to begin. The clouds were darkening on the horizon, as if foretelling the troubles that awaited them.

The woman turned her head to her companion as she questioned him, “Why did you do it?” She wore a simple white dress, unlike her usual outfit consisting of almost all black. Her white wings, normally hidden, were out and were feeling the cool breeze that seemed to try to ease her worries. Her hair that shined in the sunlight was let down for once to trickle down the small of her back.

Her companion, a man clothed in black with wings darker than her own, only glanced at her before turning his sight back to the sea and replied back, “Do what?”

Her ocean blue eyes lit up with rage, she turned her body to the man and grabbed his shoulder, pulling him in close to her. Startled by the amount of force not usually displayed by the petite woman, the man could not help but give her his full attention. The maiden growled at her mate while latching more onto him with her other hand, “You know what I mean! Do not try to play with me! Why did you do it?”

Her coarse but beautiful hands that were the mark of an artisan proud of their work, began to tremble as she stared at his face, seeking the answer to her question. This caused the male angel’s hard gaze and stoic expression to soften a bit. He reached up to grasp his love’s much smaller hands in his, “I did it for you,” he said as his grip tightened.

The female winged being’s eyes widened as they clouded over with confusion. She did not understand the meaning behind his words. What did he mean by that he did it for her? Were they not supposed to be equals? “Wh-what… What do you mean? I don’t understand. You have changed so much that I cannot tell what you are thinking about anymore!” She cried before her eyes closed shut and struggled against her other half’s hold.

Fearing that he was now about to lose her love and trust, the celestial man embraced his beloved, cradling her head close to his heart. “Listen then, listen to what my heart is telling you,” was spoken softly by the man as he reviewed the actions and decisions he made that were now impacting them both.

As the woman listened to the sound of the heart she was linked to beat ever so steadily, her tears began to flow before she buried her face into the chest of the body wrapped around her. She did not wish for her tears to be seen by anyone at the moment, but the man knew that they were falling as they soak through the layers covering him.

All was still except for the gentle wind that was gradually picking up in speed, for a storm was inevitably brewing. It felt like an eternity passed to the two as they stood together in each other’s love. Cutting through the silence that held was a soft humming of a song. The humming slowly grew in volume until the female angel’s eye peeked out from their hiding place. Looking down at his female counterpart where she stayed in his arms, the timeless angel amusingly smirked at her before twirling her out of his arm and back in again. He pulled her into a dip, pressing their noses together as he leaned over her while continuing to hum. The silver hair that was not held by the high pony tail brushed against the sides of the fair one’s face as her eyes met with grey ones.

The young lady gazed into the eyes that conveyed their never-ending affection for her before she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck. She quietly asked, “Let me fight with you. Please.”

The man shook his head and released them from their intimate position, “I’m sorry. You know that I cannot let you do that. This is something that I have to do alone without telling you why. You also need to be with your sisters. They still need you.” His hand caressed her face as tears to fall again from her sad eyes.

“I also need you by my side,” was weakly argued by the woman, “But, if you cannot allow me to fight with you, then you must make a promise to me.”

“Of course, my dearly beloved,” replied the man, “I will protect you forever. May your wings never freeze and may my love be only for you forevermore. So mote it be.” He kissed her. It was a kiss that  was tender and sweet, filled with much love and care, as if saying she was the world to him.

When they broke away from each other, the maiden spoke, “So mote it be,” letting him, the male archangel, go.

“Well, that was all I had for the story. I hoped you enjoyed it,” said the jester Bloody Earth, finishing the narration off. Blood got up from their preach on the edge and walked to the middle of the stage. They turned around to the invisible audience, “Now then my honorable guests, this is where we must part. Therefore, until the next time we meet, I hope you have a wonderful killing~” With a final bow, the spotlight shut off, forcing the hall into darkness and a single bell rang out once more.



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