Everyday Inspiration – Day 6: The Space to Write

My ideal place to write would have to be where I’m sitting on a comfortable chair with my laptop on a table or my phone in front of me. It would have to be either quiet or have some music in the background. I tend to write based on the mood that the music creates. So if I were to write a happy post, it would be due to listening to a lively song. Same thing for a sad post. It would also have to have Internet connection of course. I have a massive addiction to being on my electronics. I tend to have my decks close by (Takara and my new Kuan Yi Oracle deck) since they tend to somehow help me manage my emotions better when they’re in my presence. Hmm… I think that’s it for my ideal space to write. Ah, please go to my contact page and give some suggestions on what to write for a upcoming post. I would be so glad that you did. Thank you and have a wonderful killing~

The featured image is by Kazushige Kanehira.


2 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration – Day 6: The Space to Write

    1. Hehehehe~ It’s fine that you don’t like having music (screams of victims) in the background~ You do you! Though that site is kind of interesting~


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