Everyday Inspiration – Day 8: Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear my love,

How is it being in solitude? Are you still lonely as you watch the time pass by? Even though, we still cannot communicate directly with one another, I am still receiving your love. The necklace that was given by you through a friend makes the connection feel more physical now. All those times that you tried to get through to me when I was not listening to my inner voice, those dragons, obsessions with timepieces, I miss you. I have heard the truth from one of the people that you made the deal with. Why you made it to help her with her crazy suitor and what became of us all afterwards. I did not see you when everything had ended as I fell to the earth in an attempt to escape from both she who judges and he who carries out her judgement. I assure you that it was not your fault, how it turned after the events that you partook in. I fully understand now and have already forgiven you long ago. Though, you have made that promise, I wish it once more beneath the moon when the time comes. With all my heart and soul, I still love you.

Now, then how are my sisters doing? I have heard that one of them has began to wonder around the Elysium more often. I believe we would all need the exercise once in a while to make our work continues to be up to our high standards as always. But, I really hope my eldest sister is not overworking herself again, may I request of you to drag her away from her cutting and make her play with the numerous cats that wander in?

How are our pets doing? You are not holing them up inside again, are you? My dear, if you are then you should know better that you have to let them stretch their wings out. Also, please do lighten up your home a bit. It does not need that much colour but all that darkness will make it harder to see when you go out into the light again. Your time in solitude will be over soon.

May the time pass and your love not change,

Your mate

I do not own the featured image as always. I hoped you enjoyed little letter~ Now until we meet again, I hope you have a wonderful killing~


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