Everyday Inspiration – Day 11: A Cup of Coffee

Here’s a little something about being in a coffee shop~ I don’t even like coffee though~ I don’t own the featured image as always~

Ah, the bittersweet taste of coffee lingers

As I sit in the corner with a book

Watching the people outside pass by while others come inside

I catch your eyes as you enter in

A smile appears on your face

I hide mine behind my cup and take another sip

I go back to my reading


A chair screeches across the floor

I look up

And there you are, sitting at the table next to mine

I watch as you take a drink from your cup

You put your cup down and raise a brow at me with another smile

I huff and take a sip of my own coffee, hiding a blush from having being caught staring

You chuckle before beginning to openly stare back at me

I feel your stare is familiar even though this is the first time I have seen you


A few minutes pass as you stare at me while I read

Before you ask what book I am reading

I turn the front cover of the book to you

You said that you have read it before

We exchange names and talk for a while


Soon, it was time for me to go

But not before paying for my cup and ordering another coffee to go

I begin to get up from my chair

But, you tell me to stay and you walk over to the counter

I tilt my head to the side in confusion but begin to pack my things away

You come back with two takeaway cups

I thank you with a raised brow before taking a sip and my eyes widen

It’s the exact same one that I usually order!

How did you know that I usually order this each week to go?

I look at the cup in shock

Written innocently on the sleeve was a phone number

I look at you and you wink at me

“See you again next week,” you said as you walk out the door


With my head in the clouds, I walk over to the cash register

The person at the counter stop me as I take my wallet out

“He already paid for everything,” they point out the door

“It’s really cute, how he finally got the courage to talk to you after months of watching from afar”

I blink and run that through my head once more

No wonder your stare was familiar to me

The cashier asks, “So… Are you coming back next week?”

I smile and reply, “Of course.”


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