A Midnight Story

I hate rabbits. You know why~? I want to kill all the plot bunnies running and breeding around in my head. I need my sleep too! How else will I have the energy to continue having fun and torturing victims~? Che. Here. Enjoy. Damn rabbits. I do not own the featured image as always~ It is by Ninjatic on deviantart~

There was a strange small black tent in the alley Mari passed by daily that wasn’t there before. Mari walked closer to get a better look. It turns out that it was not entirely all black, there were white specks littered all over the tent like stars. There was a small sign to the side of the front flap that read, “Come in for a very special surprise~”

Mari became curious as to what was hidden inside the black covers, but there were also alarm bells ringing at the back of her head. But, she decided that there was no harm in seeing. After all, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Mari lifted the flap to the entrance and walked inside. Outside, she did not know that the tent had slipped into the shadows, disappearing without leaving a trace behind.

Inside the tent was pitch black, so much that Mari could not see her hands as she waved them in front of her. She was scared a bit but was also thrilled. Deciding to take a chance, she began walking forward. After a while, Mari heard the ring of bell before a spotlight appeared. The area illuminated was a small circle around a table covered with a white cloth and two black chairs, everywhere else was still too dark to see. Mari took a seat and waited to see what will happen next.

Another bell rang out and something grabbed Mari from behind. Startled, she quickly turned her head around to see a jester’s face close to her own with their hands on her shoulders. The jester smiled before their mouth opened,”Welcome honorable guest~  I hope you were not too frightened by my humble little tent~” The jester tilted their head to the side, shaking the bells on their hat but there was no ringing, “I see that fate has brought you here to me~” A flash of a murderous smile appeared on the jester’s face but it must have been Mari’s imagination, as the jester took their hands off her and walked over to the chair on the other side. “My name is Bloody Earth~ Yes, that is a strange name but it is mine~ Though, you can call me Blood if you would prefer to,” the jester introduced themselves while taking a seat, “Now, are you ready for your surprise?”

Mari nodded her head quickly as she leaned closer to the table. Blood placed a hand over the table, casting a shadow where a black blob rose up as if it came out of the shadows like magic. The blob grew bigger and bigger before it split open to uncover a small black box. Blood pulled the box closer to them and took out a deck of cards, before setting the box underneath the table. The jester handed the deck to Mari for her to inspect them, it was a simple tarot deck. Half disappointed that her surprise was going to be a reading, Mari placed the deck back onto the table. “Now,” Blood began, linking their fingers together and placed their chin on top, “What kind of fortune would you like to me to read?” Mari did not know what she wanted to be read so she just shrugged her shoulders. Blood continued to speak, “Alright then. We’ll do a general 3 card spread then. Do you know what it is used for?”

Mari nodded her head as she answered, “The past, present, and future.”

“You are very correct~” Blood clapped their hands together in a way that seemed somewhat mocking, “All I need you to do is to hold the deck for a few seconds and cut the cards for me after I shuffle them~” Mari did as she was instructed and the cards were soon spread out in front of her. “Pick, pick, pick~ All you have to do is just pick three cards~ You can take your time or you can just randomly pick them~” said Blood as they began bouncing up and down on their chair like a little child. Not really caring about which cards she chose since she thought that tarot was just a joke, Mari picked three cards and handed them to Blood. Blood then ferociously grabbed the rest of the cards that were not needed and threw them behind into the dark before placing the chosen cards into the spread for the reading.  “Hehehehehe,” a creepy smile appeared on Blood’s face that reached their ears, “Let’s begin, shall we?”

Blood flipped the first card over to reveal a man sitting down on a chair with four coins surrounding him, one in his hands, another on top of his crown, and two coins laying beneath his feet. “Ah, the four of pentacles,  it represents stability~ In the past, you had a stable life, where you were comfortable in your life~”

This person is terrible at doing readings, thought Mari as Blood flipped the next card over. It was an upside down image of a man carrying a sack over his shoulders with a dog by his side, about to step onto a cliff. “Tsk, tsk~ The reverse Fool~ You are indeed a fool, my dear~ Naive, foolish, reckless, and risk-taking all describes you at the moment~ Kekekeke~ What a silly girl you are,” cackled Blood while holding onto their stomach.

Mari’s face began to turn red and she slammed her hands onto the table, “How rude! I refuse to hear anymore of this nonsense! This is all just fake!” Mari stood up and was about to leave her seat when a card embedded itself into her right hand. “Ouch! That hurts!” cried Mari as she pulled the card out of her hand to see that it was a joker.

“You will sit back down now, child. We. Are. Not. Finished,” The jester demanded as they withdrew the hand that threw the card and calmly turned the last card over. Mari frightened out of her wits from the blood lust emitted by the person in front of her, sat back onto her chair. “Ten of swords,” said Blood without a hint of the previously shown playfulness, “Do you see the swords sticking out of the man lying on the ground, dead? It symbolizes the future death or end of your ego and way of thinking about yourself. Though on the other hand, it could mean your actual death~”

A sharp pain suddenly erupted from Mari’s back before several more were also felt. Bloody Earth stood up and took out a small mirror from behind their back. They walked over to Mari’s side and what was reflected caused her blood to turn cold. There were nine black knifes lodged in her back and her own blood was quickly staining the pretty white dress that she was wearing. The mirror in the jester’s hand shifted into smoke before taking the form of yet another knife, similar to the ones in Mari’s back. “Stupid girl~ You should have known better than to go into a strange place by yourself~ Ah, but it was also my fault for luring you in~ Well then, sweet dreams Mari~”

Mari’s eyes widened since she had not given her name to the crazy murderer. But alas, her thoughts were cut short as her head was swiftly cut off by the last knife. The head fell and rolled out of the spotlight and the headless body slumped onto the table, tainting the white with red. Covered in blood, the jester turned around to face you.

“Hello there, did you enjoy the show?” Bloody Earth asked while smiling before throwing the blood covered knife at you, creating a small cut on your face. “Normally I do not allow a free show~ But since I am feeling generous, I’ll let you off this time~ Though, I hope that this won’t happen again,” the jester’s eyes narrowed as they threatened you, “Hmph, I humbly thank you for watching~ Until we meet again, I hope you have a wonderful killing~”

Bloody Earth gave a bow before a bell rang and your vision was thrown into darkness.


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