Daily fortune: Five of Wands and a “Splitting Apart” Changing into “Containment of Potential”.

So this is the first of the daily fortune that I will be doing~ I will be using Takara (my tarot deck) and some I Ching coins~ Please forgive my amateur-like interpretations, I am just starting out~ Please do not judge me harshly~

Tarot – Five of Wands: Disagreement, competition, strife, tension, and conflict (Taken from Biddy Tarot)

There will be one of the items mentioned above in the day to come. Your views will be challenged and no one will be listening to one another. To help solve the problems that will arise, it is recommended that everyone opens their minds up to each other and agree to disagree. Learn what you can from what is brought to the table while adding your opinions as well.

It also be an internal issue with the different parts of your Self: the real self, the despised self, and the ideal self. Look inside yourself to see and accept all of you. Accept that your real self may be different from you ideal self and that despised self may not be so bad after all. You are allowed to change your view on different issues as many times as you wish for that is a part of life.

I Ching – “Splitting Apart” (23) –> “Containment of Potential” (26) (Taken from divination.com)

Splitting Apart: In the realm of personal relations, discovering illusion can be painful, and confusing. During such a period, it is wise to avoid undertaking bold new moves. It is especially important not to jump to conclusions when you sense that nothing is quite what it seems right now.

It seems that apart of the tension or disagreement is due to not accepting reality for what it is.

Changing Line Interpretation – Line 2 from the bottom: The rise of troublesome people and disintegrating forces continues. There is no help on the horizon. When the streets are filled with an angry mob, it furthers one to bolt the door. Stubborn obstinacy in such circumstances could be fatal to your cause.

Be very careful today. Don’t let it consume you.

Containment of Potential: A hidden source of power for those who would be great is the study of the past. The lives of wise and successful men and women are like treasures buried in the earth. Great good fortune comes to those who unearth these valuable treasures by applying the lessons of the ages to current events.

Get through the day with all the conflicts and something new and great will appear from your past.

Well, that was the daily fortune for September 11th, 2016~ I hope you have a wonderful killing today~





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