Fortune of the day: Reverse Page of Cups with “Containment of Potential” changing into “Retreat”

Hi~ I’m back again with a new daily fortune~

Tarot – Reverse Page of Cups: Emotional immaturity or creative block (From Biddy Tarot)

The Page of Cups reversed represents someone who is immature or has emotional troubles. It can depict a person who is escaping through drugs or alcohol, or someone who is running away from reality and living in their own world. This is a person who is emotionally insecure and unable to conduct healthy relationships as he expects too much and gives too little. He is lacking in self-love and self-acceptance, and may be emotionally abusive. This person has rampant and unfocused emotions, and may therefore get his or her feelings hurt without reason. He is suspicious, self-doubting, insincere, selfish and easily depressed. This may be someone you know or even a reflection of your shadow self.

You or someone you know may also be prone to childlike tantrums and a loss of emotional control in the face of adversity. The reversal of the Page of Cups points to exaggerated emotional outbursts and a temperamental, overly dependent personality.

The Page of Cups reversed can sometimes indicate substance abuse, particularly if paired with the Devil. You may be using drugs or alcohol as a way to escape your reality and to dream about a more favourable possibility. It will eventually catch up with you.

Given the Page of Cups is reflective of your creative abilities, its reversal can indicate a creative block. Alternatively, you may feel thwarted when it comes to doing the types of stimulating, creative projects that you find really interesting but which may not bring in as much income as other things. The ideas are there but you are having trouble figuring out how to make them into reality.

The reversed Page of Cups can indicate that you are following an inclination or a hunch but with little thought about whether it is realistic or not. You may be acting without thinking or allowing your immediate desires and emotions to seduce you, particularly if they go against your common sense, such as making a promise you cannot keep or a commitment that does not mean anything to you.


I Ching: “Containment of Potential” (26) changing into “Retreat” (33) (Taken from

Containment of Potential:

This points to the containment of great power — power that increases as it is wisely stewarded. Like a river that has been dammed, or a cooking pot with the lid on, holding and containing power produces enormous potential. During normal times, daily ritual and habit help keep life ordered and serene; but in times of great opportunity, the force of a powerful personality is required. Focused attention is required to channel this potential and achieve supreme success.

With regard to what is happening now, you have considerable reserves of energy and support to draw upon. This is the right time to nurture creativity by collecting and organizing your good ideas and plans. In this way, even great and difficult undertakings can be successful.

A hidden source of power for those who would be great is the study of the past. The lives of wise and successful men and women are like treasures buried in the earth. Great good fortune comes to those who unearth these valuable treasures by applying the lessons of the ages to current events.

Changing Line (Top):

Supreme good fortune! Great and powerful forces, inhibited in the recent past by temporary restraints, are now building strength and momentum. Use your creative powers to advance strongly at the present time; ride with the current. Do not hesitate to accept a new level of responsibility. You have an opportunity now to exercise a great positive influence.


All worthy goals meet resistance. When negative forces predominate, a well-timed retreat can be a good move — in order to keep your energy up and allow you to persevere.

Strategic retreat is not to be confused with escape or surrender. A well-timed retreat can require quick and nimble movement, in order to take up a new position before you are severely damaged by a current threat. You are not admitting defeat by such action, but increasing your options and preserving your energy and other resources. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down, let go or move back in order to better position yourself for future moves, or to draw an opponent closer. Timing is critical, as is positioning and considerations of personal security. Skillful retreat is a sign of intelligence and strength.

Periods of withdrawal or retreat call for cool-headedness. Keep your wits about you. Attend to details while allowing for enough time to contemplate the whole picture. Be creative; not all progress follows a straight line. Maintaining you sense of self-confidence is essential; small setbacks can easily become defeats if we become mired in self-doubt or self-pity. A confident retreat can produce success.

Waves of progress are short lived. Strive to attune yourself to the up-and-down cycles of life. Sometimes, if you want something, just allow it to come to you. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can “fix” any situation whenever you feel like it. Some things are bigger than you. Hold your pride in check, and you will be better prepared to discover creative openings.

My interpretation: Something wonderful will come that will either cause the emotional immaturity to occur or to pass. Retreat and wait for more chances to come. Wait and you will receive.

Hai hai~ That’s all for today~ Hope you have a wonderful killing~


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