September 12~

Ah, September 12th~ The Monday after the first day of class~

It’s only the third day of class at my university and I already want to kill some people~ Damn first years! Move your damn asses faster! You have fucking longer legs than I do and yet you’re damn slower than I am! Do I have to break out my knifes and scare you a bit so that you would hurry to your classes faster~? Also, stop cursing your professors behind their backs! They’re going to be a part of your connections when you need it! It’s not their fault that you’re too lazy to want to do any work. You’re at the bottom of the food chain now, not at the top like back in your last year of high school!

Sigh… Well~ Other than damn first years, I am really looking forward to this school year~ Intro to cognitive psychology is going to be so much fun with only lab reports and no exams~ Psychology of Gender is so interesting~ I cannot wait for Clinical Psychology~ My professor for Linear Models is so cute <3~ I am so glad that one of my victims will be helping me out with Intro Processing with Micros, I am not sure how this online course is supposed to work! Hehehe~ No textbook need for one course, got a free pdf of the textbook for one, my victim should have the textbook for another one of them, so I only need to buy two textbooks with also a purchase of the SPSS software online~ Money saved for games, anime, TCGs, and stuff for toying with my other victims~

Kekekekeke~ This year is off to a great start~ Other than the fact that mother decided to call me about one of my bank accounts half an hour before my first class today at 10 am… Like lady, I can understand that you worry about me not eating a full breakfast but please do not start talking about something so important when I will be running late for class by the time you are finished lecturing me! I said that I have nothing in that account because I know jack shit about it at that moment! I cannot check my bank account while talking at the same time I am walking to class and shoving a breakfast burger down my throat! Yes, I can do three things of those things at the same time (talking, eating, and walking) but I cannot handle four things! Especially when I broke my phone in a way that I cannot be heard on the other side when it is on speaker mode!

Ugh… I am being so immature right now! But, I do not give a flying fuck about it~ Ouch ouch. Blogging while in a sunny area was not a good idea when your keyboards are turning hot on you~ That is enough for my rant, I hope you have a wonderful killing today~


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