Daily Fortune: Lovers with static potential energy 

I’m back~ So I was told to interpret the cards and not remember the meanings so I have added the picture of the Fortune today~

Tarot: Lovers (Miracle Deck by Shimizu Reiko)

So this card gives off the feel of love (of course you fool) and making choices. The man is kissing the fairy in front while another looks on from the back. This can mean that you will have to make a choice today that may dissatisfy someone else or rejecting another option. You should consider all of the choices possible, even the ones hidden in the back or behind a shroud. But, the one in front tends to be the one closest and clearest to you, so I can understand the need to choose that one. This is a major arcana so this may be a life changing choice that you will have to make.

I ching: potential energy (static)

There is the potential for great achievement. Act now for great fortune.

Static or no changing line: there is a potential for nothing to happen

Overall: you have to make a choice today that has great potential but you must consider all options. It is likely that the outcome will not be seen or occur immediately.

Thank you for seeing this~ I hope you make a wonderful killer choice~

Edit: holy shit. I really did have to make a huge decision today… if you want to know what it was about, go back to my rant from yesterday. It’s in one of the paragraphs in the rant…


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