Daily Fortune: Reverse Knight of Pentacles with Potential Energy Changing into Great Power

Hello~ Did everyone make a killing choice yesterday~? I sure did though I do not really know what I picked cause I am still on the fence. Anyway, here is today’s fortune~

Tarot: Reverse Knight of Pentacles

So I am seeing a person hanging around with a neutral face that can be taken as boredom as well. The reason why they are still there could be that they are stuck there (Like Cassiel~ Too soon~? [Nona: too soon you fool])

I Ching: Potential Energy changing into Great Power

Potential Energy: you have to control, direct, restrain, or store you energy to bring about good fortune.

Great Power: your character will be put to the test. Power is only the means to the end, not the actual end point. Be patient. Be aware of your weaknesses. Find the balance between your Self and your ideals.

Advice from changing line: All obstacles will soon give way for the test.

Overall: you may be feeling stuck or bored but do not fear~! The static potential energy from yesterday will be used for great things~! Whether good or bad, it will test your character and changes to become stronger or break it~ (Let’s break everything~ [Nona: please do not. You are already broken as it is]).

Hehehehe~ Nona woke up~ [Nona: of course I did. Someone has to properly take care of this body.] Though, she used up some of the energy that she was storing so I do not know if she will continue to contribute or not~ Well, that was it for today~! I hope you have a wonderful killing~ [Nona: finally you stupid child. Go to sleep now. You have class at 10 am today and it is already 12:24 am. What the hell are you still doing up?!]

P.S. [Nona: what now?] I found a mini dragon in a cage figurine~ It reminds me of Cassiel~ [Nona: get off the phone now!]


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