Daily Fortune: Seven of Wands with Retreat Changing into Conflict

Ahahahaha… Oh dear… Shit is about to hit the fan soon… If there is no fortune next week, just know that it was my fault… Now onto today’s fortune… Yay… (Sob)

Seven of wands: sevens tend to mean depth, soul searching, and a time of retreat and solitude. Your beliefs are being or about to be challenged. Wands tends to deal with fire and creativity or intution. It seems that your fire is dimming down a bit due to indecision, giving up, or hesitation from having your beliefs challenged. Time for retreat and solitude in order to rethink your beliefs. But, do it quickly!

Retreat (33): conserve your energy and remove yourself from the situation.

Changing line: held back from retreat and are now in a pickle. Good luck.

Conflict (6): you thought you were on the right path, but instead it has lead to conflicts. Reconsider your options, beliefs, and feelings.

Overall: someone made the wrong decision a few days ago… The outcome is now rearing its ugly head… Retreat and think over what you have done… Act quickly for more hesitation will not be good.

Omg… Sob sob… I am a massive idiot… I did not fully make a choice, which is actually still considered as making a choice since you have basically decided to do nothing… Yet. [Nona: there there child. Just think over what you have done and tomorrow may be better.] Not really Nona… Tomorrow, I have to go home and expose myself… I do not want to…! And yet, I must… Ah… This may be our second last good bye… Sob sob…


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