Daily Fortune: Reversed Strength and Reverse Five of Swords with Determination Changing into Humility  

So I decided to add my new deck, Nekro Araceli Anton, into the readings~

Reversed Strength = Authority

The lady appears to be lying down the lion as if weakened due to the hand on her chest.

Reversed 5 of Swords = Defeat

There is travel/movement/exciting circumstances with air/mind. It appears that there is shifting or changing of your mind.
Determination  (43) = hold your ground

Changing line = needs sensitivity, readiness, and caution

Humilty: have balance and delude yourself with thoughts of power. Be humble.

Overall: there is weakening of your beliefs and values. Make a decision now and stick to it. You will need to own up to something while making sure to have caution from now on.

Well, if I do not come out with a new fortune after today, then this is my last good bye. The reason behind it is that I did something that I should have not done. I hope you have a wonderful killing~


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