Daily Fortune: Reverse Ten of Wands and Four of Swords with Conflict Changing into Patience

Hi~ So it looks I will be able to hide my secret a bit longer~ [Nona: that is not a good thing to be happy about you fool] Yeah, yeah Nona. I get it. Anyway~ Here’s the fortune of today~

Reverse 10 of Wands: this card has a primary principle of oppression. 10 means the beginning and end of things while the wands pertain to the creativity or inspiration. Therefore, there will be difficulties and losses resulting from the lack of creativity or inspiration.

4 of Swords: the primary principle is of pausing or resting. 4 means stability, hard work, and perseverance while the swords presents the mind. So, it means to bring stability, you must your mind after working hard and persevering for so long.

Conflict: there will be conflicts between values and beliefs.

Changing line: the conflict will soon resolve itself.

Patience: calm down and wait for the answer while contemplating what actions you have taken.

Overall: the current storm will be over soon. Before the next one begins, you should take the time to go over what has occurred and reflect on them.

Hahahahaha~ I’m back~ Though I do not know for how much longer..So, I am continuing with these daily fortunes until I am killed (not literally)~ Yay~ Have a wonderful killing today~ [Nona: I never really understood why you give that kind of farewell…] Don’t sweat  about it, Nona~


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