My Love For You

Nona was in the mood~ Enjoy~ I do not own the featured image as always.

The red thread of fate that connect the two of us

Is it still there or did it already break and snap without either knowing?

The pendulum is still swinging as time goes on

Whenever I reach out to you, your back is to me like the last thing I saw that last time we were together

Are you also reaching for me when I am not looking?

It feels like there is a wall in between us now

Whether it is see-through or not, are our hands on top of each other without actually touching?


I miss you

You were always there for me, protecting me

But now you are gone

The song and moon that connects us

Can you still hear them, see them?

Or have you forgotten them in the eternity as well?

Why did you leave?


I am who I am today because of you

All those memories of us together

I will keep them close to my heart and treasure them forever

Sometimes a voice calls out and I turn around

To see the clear sky, encouraging me on through hard times

Even though we are apart

You are still here beside me

Even in the eternity, your love still holds

So rest your wings for now

I will find you and we will be together again

And I will never let you go again, you are mine for all of eternity

So this was inspired by four songs~

  1. Eien by BoA


2. Possibility by BoA feat. Miura Daichi

3. Kimi no Kioku/Memories of you by Kawamura Yumi

4. Because of you by Kawamura Yumi

This is pretty nice, though I think there is something odd at the end~? [Nona: Hm? What in Elysium could you possibly mean~?] … Oh dear~ It seems that I have influenced Nona a bit~ Hehehehehe~ Anyway, this was fun to let you take over the body for~ You should do it more often~ [Nona: Ah, I cannot do that. That would be too embarrassing.] Aw~ You are so cute sometimes~ Anyway, that was all for this show~ I hope you have wonderful killing on your way out or to your next show~


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