Daily Fortune: Reversed Knight of Wands and Two of Wands With Humility Changing into Joy

Hello, everybody~ Isn’t it a lovely Monday when you don’t get murdered for some fuck up that you did~? Yeah, that’s right~ I was forgiven and allowed to live to give another fortune~ Enjoy~

Reversed Knight of Wands: primary principle is warning. Knights usually mean travel, movement, transition, and quest. Wands are usually fire and creatvity/inspiration. The knight appears to be ready for a journey but is trying to get rid of the rooster (excess energy). So he is being delayed by something unexpected and is trying get to remove it. He may be trying to convince the rooster to leave. This card could also represent a unexpected turn in situations.

Two of Wands: theme behind card is obstacles. Two means union or balance. Wands are fire and creativity. This card is trying to tell us to have balance between planning and carrying out the plans to avoid obstacles.

Humility/modesty (15): be humble and modest. Have balance and do not delude yourself with ideas of power.

Changing line (or only non-changing line): be humble, do not push the blame onto others, take responsibility for your actions.

Joy: have a solid sense of self and personal stability.

Overall: there is a need for balance with your creativity and inspiration today. Take anything unexpected in strides while planing your next moves. Do not get self conceited. Remember that happiness is a state of satisfaction.

Ahahahahahaha~ I live~! So the cards were literally telling me to calm the shit down and wait to be interrogated. Then, admit to my wrong doing and I would be let off due to been actually guilty about it. A hahahahaha… Anyway, that is it for today’s fortune. I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or to your next show~


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