Daily Fortune: Page of Pentacles and Seven of Wands with Joy Changing into Potential Energy

I’m back after that funk~ Let’s roll~!

Page of Pentacles: this card is usually considered to be the messenger of earthy or more physical messages. The principle behind it is good news. The innocent page here looks happy and content to be sleeping in a comfortable place. This is good to have for a day after of craziness for me.

Seven of Wands: the number 7 is usually depth, soul searching, time of retreat and solitude. It is also where your beliefs are challenged. Wands is creativity and inspiration. The main principle is Valor. Have the bravery and courage to look inside yourself and you will overcome obstacles while gaining something new.

Joy (58): encourage and inspire others and your dreams and goals will come true.

Changing line (upper non-changing line): strengthen your integrity and principles to not be tempted by things that are not worth paying attention to.

Potential Energy  (26): act now to carefully release the pressure holding your energy down.

Overall: after strengthening your integrity and principles, doing some soul searching, and inspiring joy in others, good things will come! Don’t be tempted by unnecessary things or having your beliefs challenged. But you must act now to carefully release locked energy.

I’m sorry if I worried anyone (I don’t there was anyone). I got caught in a mess and it blew over yesterday that I did not feel well enough to blog. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or to your next show~


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