Daily Fortune: Double Knight of Wands with Potential Energy Changing into Calculated Wait.

Hi~ I’m feeling good these days (though maybe a bit stressed about some quizzes)~☆ Time for the daily fortune show~

Knight of Wands in general: travel of creativity or inspiration. Primary principle is adventure.

1 (on the left): the knight who looks more like a scholar seems ready to go on a journey of enlightenment and inspiration. He even has a companion coming along.

2 (on the right): there is a pole in your way that can be opened through a key. The key could be to your unconscious which is unknown.

Potential Energy  (26): there is a pressure upon you that need to be released. There is also a well of potential that is being pushed out and should be let out.

Changing line (upper changing line): all obstacles will soon give way. Align with the tao/path and unparalleled success will come.

Calculated Waiting (5): success will come, you just need to trust yourself and wait for the time to come.

Overall: there is a changing of beliefs or inspiration due to trying to understand the unknown unconscious inside you. It’s being either suppressed too much and needs to be let out soon. After relieving the pressure of your unconscious, you must wait for the good things to come.

Hehehe~ yawn~ I’m tired. Being stressing out for a while since I have to do a 30 minute essay question on monday~ I’m scared~ Hehehehe~ Anyway, have a wonderful killing on your way out or to the next show~


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