Daily Fortune: Eight of Wands and Reverse The Empress With Retreat Changing into Potential Energy 

Nya~ The week is finally over… Kill me~ I have an important quiz on Monday and yet I have not finished studying yet and will be going out playing tomorrow instead of studying. My priorities are not in order… Meh~ Onto the Fortune corner of this crazy circus~

Eight of wands: theme is activation. There is an expansion or opportunity of crativity/intution/inspiration. Though some caution is advised as it may result in a hastily made choice.

Reverse The Empress: theme is interations/relations. She appears to be holding her fire close to her and also seem anxious of something.

Retreat (33): remove yourself from the situation or the conflict for a bit.

Changing line (upper non-changing line = top one/line 6): you are able to remove and retreat successfully. Be blessed with good fortune.

Potential Energy: pressure or stress that need to be released.

Overall: there is an opportunity to increase your creativity/intution/inspiration but some caution is needed to not make a hasty choice based on your anxiety that will result in a creative block. Go home or retreat to a safer spot and just release the pressure or stress bothering you.

Hm… There seems to be a theme of wands and potential energy going on lately… Is my intution or creativity being held down? I do need to trust myself more… But meh~ I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or to the next show~


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