That is right, this circus has been seized by none other than your magical mistress from another realm… SLEEPY MANA! I have taken your bloody jester hostage (the fool, keeping their tent unguarded!) by teleporting them to the palace in my home world. May Bloody Earth have a taste of their own medicine in my chamber of howls~

Now that the clown is out of this parade, let us take part in a change of scenery – shall we? Mwehehe~ I have plans to burn this circus to crisps, along with all who belong to it! This realm will soon belong to the almighty Sleepy Mana – quiver before my wrath, mortals!

Hm… seeing as I am now taking the place of your rather cunning jester, I suppose I should play by their rules in my conquest. You all have but ONE chance to save this circus before I unleash my power and destroy it AND yourselves. I will deliver three riddles to whoever cares to listen here. One riddle per day, for three days. I will reveal the first riddle tomorrow. If you can solve all of the riddles by Day Three, then I will release your master Bloody Earth from my chambers of howls… granted, I can’t ensure that they won’t be physically and mentally scarred for life from it~

Until tomorrow… Time to exit the light, and enter the night~!

This is Bloody Earth here from the chamber of howls~ It is pretty cozy here~ Anyway, I am still going to do the daily fortune corner as that it is my regular show that I have to continue unless I want my home to go down a hole into the shadows~ That would be lovely, wouldn’t it~? [Nona: Not really] So, looks like I won’t be able to tell that story I was writing until day three. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or onto your next show~

[Nona: Though I don’t think that is any running since you’re away at the moment… Sigh… What did I tell that idiot not to do and yet they still do…? Why did I get stuck with an idiot soul in the same body…? Sigh… Anyway, looks like we will be fine since there is basically nothing that will make the idiot lose anymore screws since there are none left to lose in the first place. The idiot is also probably going around showing off any scars gained from this experience like trophies… I should have chosen a different body to use if I knew I would have to deal with these kind of things… I believe that we will see each others again. Until then, please try to keep yourselves safe.]



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