Daily Fortune: Reverse Six of Wands and Reverse Devil with Potential Energy Changing into Joy

Here is the daily fortune, coming straight to you live from the Chamber of Howls~ Hehehehehe~ I sounded like a news anchor just now~ [Nona: facepalm]

Reverse 6 of wands: the theme of this card is excellent news; or in this case, not so good news as there is no peace with your intuition or creativity. There is a delay, fear, and lack of confidence that is putting a cork on your intuition.

Reverse Devil: the theme is order vs. Chaos. This card means release from chains of temptation and overcoming obstacles. Does the lady not look relieved?

Potential Energy  (26): Stress is putting you down and needs to be released.

Changing Line (4th line from bottom): what has held you back also helped build up a lot of potential. Good fortune awaits the release.

Joy (58): happiness or relief is on the way

Overall: even thought the stress is still delaying your intution and is causing a lack of confidence, you will feel great relief from breaking one of the chains holding you down today. 

I get it, I get it… I’m being too stressed out by the quiz today. But, I still feel that I did not study enough yet. At least, I will get it over with. Sigh… [Nona: stupid innocent child. Go to sleep. Then, wake up and study for it. You need your rest if you want to do well.] Yes Nona, you are so much like a mother hen. Well, until we meet again, I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out, or to your next show~


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