Daily Fortune: Strength and Empress with Potential Energy Changing into Moderation

I’m so dying right now and the howls are not helping at all… ugh… Even clowns have to go to school… Here is the corner you came for~

Strength: theme is personal power. Look at how the lady is now compared to yesterday! She seems stronger and more confident in herself. She is no longer lying weakly on the lion anymore. She is thinking and waiting calmly in preparation of what is to come.

Enpress: theme is interactions and relationships. The enpress is looking through your soul and determining how to best work with you to help meet everyone’s goals.

Potential Energy: release the stress holding you down

Changing line (2nd line from bottom): build up your potential energy and be happy with the current situation. There should be no conflict at hand.

Moderation: need for temperance in dealing with object of inquiry.

Overall: yay, you have built up some confidence in yourself! Keep building it up while making sure to take breaks in between. Have Moderation and don’t overwork yourself. Calm down, don’t stress out, and be practical in your approach to things. If school related, studying in groups can help, if you are doing your part of the preparation.

Hahahahaha. Looks like trying to plan what I am going to do with my school assignments and quizzes is helping~ woot! Super super busy and it’s before the reading week too! Here’s a peek of what I have to do for the next two weeks. Please don’t mind the messy handwriting.


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