Riddle #3

Dun-dun-dun-DUN~! The third and final riddle shall be delivered. I pray you don’t lose too much sleep over this one. Mwehehe!

I occur once per second, twice in a week, and only once in a year. What am I?

There is really only one situation in which you could have heard this one before… and I really hope you don’t remember, if that is the case!

Bloody Earth: … So… I solved it… Can I go now? I’m bored. This was so easy if you are not an idiot or blind.

Nona: Do you not have those quizzes to study for and assignments to do? You were neglecting them when you were in the Chamber of Howls.

Bloody Earth: Che. Fine. This is not over Sleepy Mana. We still need to talk about this later.



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