A Devil’s Trill in the Starry Pavilion

Hehehehehe~ Decided to try my hand at writing first person while inside the chamber of howls~ I have a passion for psychology, but I also have an obsession with music and dance~ I am able to slightly play the piano, though my skills have rusted over having not played for so long due to being busy or being easily distracted. I would love to learn how to play any of the instruments that had caught and held my attention for so many years. I have decided to make the main character a female. Why, I do not any idea except for perhaps Nona subtly influencing me again. Anyway, please enjoy this little piece~ By the way, I do not own any of the music used in the inspiration of this story or the featured image.

Nona: you should have been studying instead of writing this.


“So charmed to meet someone here and listen to such a lovely piece,” said a voice as my fingers slowly left the keys.

I turned around to see a blurry head at the edge of the stage, having left my glasses at the side of the stage with my coat. No one usually comes to this little music hall anymore. It used to be a joyful place, filled with laughter and music. Now, it was just this black grand piano and I here before this person came along. I blinked several times to make sure that I was not dreaming. The person, a man if I had to assume from the deep voice, had placed something onto the stage and then lifted themselves up. I was curious as to what motives this person had to visit a place that was soon to be demolished. They should not have been able to hear my playing, as terrible as it was, from outside; they must have some attachment to the memories made in this music hall similar to my own.

As the person got closer, I was able to see that it was a blurry suited man with a trench coat and a red scarf on top with a case by his side. He closed the distance between him and the piano, and placed his coat and the case on top of it. He then opened the case to reveal a violin, a red one at that. Was there not a famous story that had a red violin in it? And why does it look so familiar?

“Care for a duet, my dear?” the man asked after he finished tuning his violin.

I huffed and crossed my arms while staring at him. “I do not play alongside strange men.”

“Is that so? Pardon my rudeness then,” an eyebrow rose as the man tucked his violin under his arm and took a bow, “My name is…” When he said his name, it was like something muted his voice and was not allowing me to hear it. I wanted to ask what it was again, but it would seem too rude of me to do so. “Now about that duet?” questioned the man with a smirk as he got into a beautiful starting position.

Getting embarrassed with my own poor posture that must have been seen by this expert violinist, I got off the piano seat and started to make my way over to the side of the stage. “Like I said before, I do not play alongside strange men. Besides, I highly doubt I would be able to match your skills.” A chuckle came out of the man’s mouth before he began to play his chosen musical instrument.

The song rang throughout the hall, encasing it in an enchanting embrace. A sweet melody was being played and I lost the will to pick my coat up from the floor. It felt as if something was enticing me to continue listening and I could only obey. I sat down on the edge of the stage, far away from him and yet it seemed as if he still was so close to me.  Like we were in a pavilion under the night sky.

Then, soon the tempo picked up in speed and a chill ran down my spine. Why did it give me so much pleasure to hear his playing? It was like I was spinning out of control in a spiral of a spell and I could care less about it. I could not see his expression from where I sat without my glasses and yet, I could feel what he was feeling through his song. I was incredibly passionate to experience.

After a short rest, the song slowed itself down and suddenly I could feel so much sorrow and with happiness hidden within it. What was with this person’s playing that was so emotional and compelling to listen to? Was he the personification of the devil, luring me to sin? Or was he a fallen angel, here because he committed a terrible sin in the eyes of God?

With one last note and the spell was broken, startling me out of my trance. I did not know what to do as the otherworldly man slowly brought his bow to his side in an arch, while letting a sigh of relief. “That was the Devil’s Trill by Tartini. Interesting piece for meeting such as this one.”

“Interesting indeed,” I agreed as I tried to gather my thoughts before just sighing, “Fine. Just one song. That’s it.” As I stood up and walk over to the piano, the bastard had what I believed to be a smug look on his face. “Don’t be disappointed with my skills,” I huffed as I sat down on the chair and poised my hands over the keys.

The suited man leaned his back against the piano with a strange look in his eyes, I could not be too sure about what I saw as it quickly disappeared, as he watched my every move. “I know I won’t be, if what I heard before was any indication.”

As I tried to decide which song to play, one that seemed to fit the mood and simultaneously did not come to mind. Song from a secret garden, huh? Did that song have violin duet? Ah, yes it did. I now remember playing it with that sweet little boy when I was younger. Let’s see if this man knows it. I began to play with sadness that I had not known I harbored inside my heart. After a few notes, I heard a sharp intake of air from the only other occupant in the room before there was shifting of cloth as he prepared his bow upon his violin once more.

When his part of the song began, it was filled with more emotions than what he played the Devil’s Trill with. He was playing as if he had finally found the one thing he was searching his entire life for, through this song and it was drawing me in again. This familiarity was so strange and at the same time, was so comforting. Have we actually met before and I did not remember it? As we continued to play and I opened my eyes that I did notice closing, it looked as if we were floating atop a sea of stars instead of inside the small music hall! I could not help but smile from the bottom of my heart, it had been so long since I had play the piano with someone who made me fall in love with music all over again.

When the song sadly came to an end, there was a pause before I burst out into giggles while crying oddly enough. I was feeling so euphoric that I did not notice the man behind me until he wrapped me in an embrace. I was still as he held me close to his chest, but I could not feel any warmth coming from him. We stayed that way for a while until he moved to kiss me on the cheek. “Please remember me again.”

My eyes widened in shock. “Wait!” I cried and turned around, but there was no one there. The coat and violin case that I had thought were on the piano before, there was not a trace of them left. It was as if everything that happened was just a fragment of my imagination. Confused, I walked over to my things and picked them up to begin my departure. I had stayed there long enough, I decided as I put on my glasses. As I placed my hands inside my coat to warm them after stepping out in the cold, I felt a piece of paper. I took it out and held it in front of me to see what it was, my eyes landed on a photo that I had thought was lost. A photo of two children, a little girl and a little boy, playing on a black grand piano and a red violin with smiles on their faces inside the music hall I had just exited.

First song: Devil’s Trill

Second song: Song from a secret garden

Another version of Song from a secret garden

And another version with a bit of a variation

Nona: Go study you lazy bum!

Ok, ok, ok. I will get to it.


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