Daily Fortune: Reverse Three of Pentacles and Eight of Cups with Encouraging Changing into Deterioration

… OMG! No! Why did I get a fortune like this on the day of an important quiz? Ugh… I’m doomed…

Reverse 3 of Pentacles: theme is skill. This card means a lack of teamwork, disregard for skills, mediocrity, preoccupation, and lower quality. 

8 of cups: theme is concern or lack of self-confidence. This card means discontinuity of effort, shyness, modesty, abandoned success, escapism, disappointment, abandonment, and withdrawal.

Encouraging/Joy (58): work hard for yourself and others around you

Changing line (or in this case, only non changing line – 3rd line): total abandon to outside pleasure/diversions is momentarily fleeting and will bring misfortune.

Deterioration  (23): everything will fall apart. Be kind and supportive to others. Wait out the danger and discipline yourself.

Overall: you are slacking off on your work, causing for outcome to be of poor quality. This will bring misfortune and great disappointment. Control yourself and get on track while waiting for the danger to pass.

Ahahahahahaha. I’m doomed.


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