Daily Fortune: Reverse Emperor and Two of Swords with Encouraging Changing into Retreat

Yes! Two down, four more to go! Sigh… I want a break already…

Nona: keep going, you can do it.

I’ll try Nona, I’ll try…

Reverse Emperor: theme is authority. The emperor here seems to be inflexible or happy and perhaps indecisive about something.

2 of swords: theme is alliance or friendship. There seems to be union or balancing of minds/intelligence.

Encouraging (58): continue working hard for yourself and other around you

Changing line (upper non-changing line = 5th line from bottom): you are contemplating a relationship with an inferior element. Such commitment = dangerous –> drawn into peril. You must now be more selective in order to protect yourself.

Retreat (33): conserve your energy and remove yourself from the situation.

Overall: due to indecision or failure to control self, you are going down a slippery slope. Back up, control your energy usage, and do something about yourself to help look at the bigger picture.

Ahahahahahaha. I’m going to be fine. I’m going to be fine…

Nona: are you sure about that? Then, please explain to me why you wasted a perfectly good day by watching “Adam ruins everything”?

Um… Oops?

Nona: oops will not cut it. You are working overtime today as it is now the weekend to catch up.

Yes mother…

Nona: I’m watching you.



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