Daily Fortune: Chariot and Lovers with Retreat Changing into Conflict

Woooo~ It’s a black moon and new month ~ Good things, good things~ Though I still think I’m doomed.

Nona: then now is a good time to get rid of the bad habits.

I’ll try…

Chariot: theme is the use of inner will. This major arcana represents being driven by your will and determination, whether they are good or bad. Good things will come to you if you allow it.

Lovers: theme is union of opposites. The girls are connected together and both hold the key. The key to what I don’t know, though it may be to a choice that you have to make. The girls are also bearing their naked bodies (truth) while still hiding others. They may not see eye to eye as their heads are caged and shrouded in a black mist.

Retreat (33): conserve your energy and remove yourself from the situation.

Changing line: you were held back from your retreat and are now in a difficult situation.

Conflict (6): there is dissonance between reality and how you perceive it, you must become more realistic.

Overall: you are in a hard time due to your perception of the world. But you can overcome it and create a balance between the two. Keep going but remove yourself if it gets too much or worse.

Ugh… I need to stay focused on my assignments… At least I am making some process. But not enough. Get to sleep and then back to work. I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or to the next show (seems so long since I last said that…)


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