Daily Fortune: Reverse Three of Swords and Seven of Cups with Deterioration Changing into Moderation

Wah… I didn’t do much today and yet did so much… I hate having the house to myself. Too quiet… Anyone want to go for coffee or tea with me?

Nona: they do not even know where you are other than several people who actually interact with in real life.

Boo… Fine. 

Reverse 3 of sword: theme is disintegration. 3 usually means expansion of theme and sword are related to intelligence and mind. This card is about releasing pain, optimism, and forgiveness.

7 of cups: theme is imagination and reflection. 7 is usually depth, soul searching, a time or retreat or solitude. Emotions is what corresponds to cups. This card is about fantasy,  illusions, wishful thinking, choice, and imagination.

Deterioration  (23): you are on the verge of destruction.

Changing line (upper non-changing line – top line): the forces of Deterioration have ended.

Moderation  (15): find balance and moderate the excess and indulges.

Overall: you are destroying yourself with fantasy and illusion of success. But have hope for you can find balance if you have more moderation.

Peace Chaos, I’m out. I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out, or to your next show~


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