Daily Fortune: Reverse Empress and Page of Swords with Patience Changing into Conflict 

Yes… I am making progress! Ugh… I want reading week to come faster.

Reverse empress: theme is interactions or relations. The Empress looks worried about something and may feel the need to rely on assistance. This card means creative block and dependence on others.

Page of swords: theme is vigilance. This card is like the messenger of the mind and intelligence. You can feel the determination from the people holding the blade of the sword and the energy coming off it. This card means talkative, curious, mentally restless, and energetic.

Patience (5): calm down and wait while contemplating the situation.

Changing line (upper non-changing – 5th line from bottom): difficulties are going away and you can relax to gain perspective on the situation. But remember that this is still much work to be done.

Conflict (6): conflict with choices made and view of reality

Overall: things are finally cooling down and you can relax a little. But you have either too much vigilance or too little. Either way, you may end up overly relying on someone. Calm down and work out as much as you can.

Ugh… University is a nightmare… 

Nona: deal with it. You want a good future in psychology, am I wrong?

Fine… it just seems like everything is being thrown at me all at the same time…


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