Sorry… Again…

So… I did not do the daily fortune for a few days again… I had been buried under so many things that I felt I could do the interpretations with a clear mind. I will be doing them again tonight. On that note, YES! Reading week is here! I do not have school for a week! Though, I do have quizzes and assignments due the Monday I get back… Ugh… I just cannot catch a break. Ah, I bought some rune stones. I had left them in a pouch for a while and then when I finally took them out, I got light headed by the scent of the wood. It was a strong smell that was very earthly (Nona: of course, it would be smell earthly). Oh, Nona. You’re awake. (Nona: yeah. I could not stand being awake with you running around like a headless chicken, panicking about your school work that you put off until the last minute.) Hahaha… Oops…? (Nona: Sigh… At least you got the runes.) Eh? What do you mean? (Nona: That is for me to know and for you to find out. Go learn how to use them.) Boo… Fine. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful killing on your way out or to your next show~ (Nona: Do not be like this fool and start doing your work early so you do not have to panic when it is almost the due date.) Nona… You are mean~ (Nona: good.)


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