Daily Fortune: Nine of Wands and Three of Wands with Modesty Changing into Joy

Yo hoo~ I am back~ I am finally free again~ 

9 of wands: theme is stability. This card is usually the conclusion or ending of creativity/inspiration. Meanings are courage, persistence, test of faith, and resilience.

3 of wands: theme is successful enterprise. This card is usually the expansion of creativity/inspiration. Meanings are preparation, foresight, enterprise, and expansion.

Modesty or humility (15): remain humble and try to see the balance in each situation.

Changing line  (only non-changing line – top line): see the situation as a challenge to be met head-on while examining yourself and your role in the situation. Act to clear the air.

Joy (58): spread your joy and happiness while finding more in everything around you.

Overall: there is a challenge that test your faith and courage. You must use your foresight, preparation, and practical knowledge. If you do so, you will be successful in finding the joy that you want to see for today.

Ahahahahahaha. I really cannot catch a break, huh? Oh well. I will be happy to make it out alive. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or to the next show~


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