Reverse Temperance and Six of Cups with Joy Changing into Modesty

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone~ Hope you all have a lovely feast and think of all the things that you are thankful for~ I know I am thankful for having so many victims at the tip of my fingers~ Hehehehehe~ Let’s get this show started~

Reverse Temperance: theme is self-control. The little fairy is pouring water out of her jar and into the pitcher. This symbolizes the pouring of excess. It could also mean an imbalance and lack of long-term vision.

6 of cups: theme is pleasure from past. We all have good memories in the past but we also have to remember that we can still make more. You are not stuck in the past but can if linger on the memories for too long.

Joy (58): spread joy and find more all around you.

Changing line (upper non-changing line – top line): possible to get caught in the current joy and not see the true joy there is. Losing control of one’s choices mean to leave everything to chance.

Modesty (15): remain humble and perceive the balancing forces in every situation.

Overall: you are allowed to remember the good memories that you have made, but you must lose yourself in them. You have to remember that you have to move on from them and make more.

Wah~ What a lovely fortune to have for this joyous day~ Everyone, have fun talking and catching up on old times with your families but remember that you have to move on from them~ Now, I hope you have a wonderful killing of those stupid turkeys on this holiday and I will see you again tomorrow~

Nona: do you have something against those birds?

No. They just are too disgusting to eat. Same with types of ducks. Their skin are too thick to eat. Though I do like the stuffing and gravy.

Nona: sigh… you picky child…


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