Daily Fortune: Magician and Fool with Patience Changing into Joy

Hi~ Did everyone have a lovely Thanksgiving? I sure hope so~ Onto the show~

Magician: theme is energy and creativity in action. The magician here is directing the energy from his surrounding while influencing them as well. He is confident in using his skills and abilities to make something new and great. This card represents power, skill, concentration, action, and resourcefulness.

Fool: theme is entrance and trust. The person is in a suit and looks ready for a new journey of wonder and hope. This card represents new beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, and a free spirit.

Patience (5): wait for what you wish for to come to you. Proceed cautiously, but resolutely, with whatever you are doing.

Changing Line: May feel isolated and vulnerable but try to retain composure and patience for survival is of the utter most concern.

Joy: spread the happiness around you while finding more.

Overall: Have patience while confidently use your skills to influence those around to collaborate. Make sure to be calm as cooperation with others is fickle but needed. The end result will be successful and will bring great joy.

Yawn~ Well, good night~ I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or to the next show~


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