Mystic Mana Monday

Salutations, friends. It has been a while. I know I promised Blood that I’d be appearing in this circus regularly, but I – or rather, my mortal Self – seems to have been so caught up with mundane worries and obligations that she almost forgot about it. Tsk, tsk. 

Today is my first ever Mystic Mana Monday, in which I will be discussing anything and everything magical and spiritual in nature. This first day will be about the herb sage, and my own experience using it . Sage is a very cleansing magical herb, and is traditionally used in smudge sticks by Native Americans. I first experienced the wonder of sage at a smudging circle led by an Ojibway artist in Brantford. I later on purchased a bag of sage at a flea market, from a Native American man who harvested it himself on the reserve. It wasn’t bundled in smudge sticks, but rather in bulk. This way, you are able to preserve more of the herb and use it over again. To use sage this way, all you must do is take a small dried sage leaf and light it up as you would incense. Blow it out and let it burn while holding the stem. The picture below shows exactly what this will look like. As the leaf burns and creates smoke, allow the sage to cleanse the energy around your home. I prefer using sage to purify my room of any unwanted energies. I recommend doing the ritual at night before sleep, so that you may enjoy a night free of negative energy. Make sure to dispose of the sage once it is completely burnt out, and keep a window open for ventilation. If possible, try purchasing sage in bulk from Native American sellers. Not only will it benefit a local family, but it will also save you money in comparison to buying from expensive New Age type stores. I hope you all have fun with sage sometime! Blessed Be, and may the spirits embrace you kindly~  (Disclaimer: photo is not mine) 


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