I’m sorry.

I from the bottom of my heart, dearly apologize for not doing my duties as the runner of this circus. I have had many obligations and troubles in the real world that I had to prioritize/fix and I also did not feel ready to touch the cards again. I still do not, but I am starting to feel better now after distancing myself from those who I had misplaced my trust and love in. I will be back soon enough, sparing the time for the readings that I long to do again. Nona has been quiet since the incident mentioned in my previous post (not the one by Mana-chan). It’s fine though, I think? I have to let fate take its turn and just embrace or cope with it as much as I can. I will be fine and well again. I think. Just not really ok with my self- diagnosis of my recent bouts of Narcissistic Vulnerability symptoms… hahahahahahaha… a fool who wishes to treat those with psychology issues, including personality disorders, has the possibility of having one themself. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful killing on your way out or to the next show~


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry.

  1. No worries, Blood – this circus will be back at it again in no time~ It’s important to take care of personal matters first. Ah, but not good to self-diagnose… believe me, I have in the past and it only created a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.


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