Significator card

Couldn’t sleep so I decided to ask the cards what is my significator card. I got reverse 8 of swords. The theme of 8 is balance between the material and immaterial world and change. Sword is fire and reason. Therefore, the theme of 8 of swords is a temporary crisis. The key words for the card (reverse) are escape, finding solutions, and facing fears.

Some of the interpretations of the creators of the cards:

Anton (XIII deck): treachery is in the past, difficulty, depressed state of mind, disquiet, fatality.

Renshu (Relevation deck):

“She frees herself only to see the error of her ways.”

This card indicates the breaking of the bonds that we found ourselves in but which we chose not to break free of until now. Here you will have overcome your fears and see clearly though the eyes of logic. Mental barriers that were once there will have been broken down. The correct path will be taken and all other worries will be cast aside. The thought process has been long and demanding,  but it has been necessary for a sense of certainty.


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