A Plead.

To anyone who will know or meet me in person, it is painfully obvious that I am an airheaded fool. It is clear to see I have many insecurities about myself. Please, you do not need to stay. I will only hurt you in the end. Please do not get to know me when I am not worth it. I do not deserve the love and care that I have received and will continue to receive no matter what I say or do. Please do not come near me. Those who are currently in my life will know that I am a jealous and possessive person and those traits will only hurt you. So please. Stay away from me. Stay away so that you are safe from my demons and I. Stay away and never come close for once you are in my grasp, I will not let go until I lose interest in you or have broken you; not unlike a child with a new toy. Please stay away and safe from my dangerous love.


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