Daily Fortune: Ace of swords

Hi hi hi~ We are back with the circus~

We are easing back into the routine with a single card. Today’s card was the ace of swords. The ace is known for meaning change, potential, and new beginnings while swords represents air and the mind. The theme of this card is victory. The ace of swords means power, victory, clarity, and new beginnings. If that is not a sign to get this show back on the road, then I do not know what is~ Well, that is all for this corner.

Moa: baa baa~ (I’m fluffy~ Pet me~)

Yes yes, you are very fluffy. Now be a good sheep and say thank you for coming to the show~

Moa: ba baa baaaaa baa~ (Thank you for coming~ Please visit me again soon~)

Good job Moa~ And I hope you enjoyed the show and please do take a look at the other exhibits on your way out~ 


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