Daily Fortune: Reverse 3 of Cups

I’m back~ Sorry about missing Friday’s and the weekend’s fortunes. I guess I have not gotten my routine back yet. Oh well, onto today’s card of the day~

The number three usually means communication or expansion and the cups represent emotions. As this is a reverse card, it will mean miscommunication or reduction of emotions. The Reverse 3 of cups means over indulgence, cheating, and lack of friends.

Oops… Does that mean I should not go drinking with Mana-chan today? Mhm… But I wanted to try the mudslide vodka cooler we got on Friday together… Well, the fortune does say over indulgence… So it is possible for me to try it but I have to remember not to over indulge in the alcohol. I should also worry about my quiz tomorrow on hypnosis. Have not started the reading for it yet. At least there are guide questions for it. That is it for today’s fortune~ I hope you have wonderful killing and please do take a look at the other exhibits on your way out~ Bye bye~


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