Daily Fortune: Star

Ya ho~ Today seems like a good day~ Even though there is the chance of freezing rain where I am, I get to have bubble tea with Mana-chan and a friend who I have not been able to hang out with for so long~ Please mother nature, shine some sun down! Okay, enough about me! Onto the fortune!

Star: Hope, generosity, serenity, and inspiration.

The mermaid on the card is pouring water back into the river to continue the cycle of hopes and dreams as the stars shine above her.

Oh ho~ I can already tell that hope and generosity will apply to my day~ I will finally get my keys today and I actually have the delivery notice to prove it (not going to post it here because I am not a total idiot)! Generosity may be due to Mana-chan being kind and willing to pay half of the cost of the keys (though she might have had a hand in where the original key went)~ Hehehehe~ Things are looking up for today~ Well, there was all for today~ I hope you have a wonderful killing and please do look at the other exhibits on your way out of this crazy circus~


One thought on “Daily Fortune: Star

  1. Curse the weather for not allowing us to have bubble tea together! Well, we can go when they start handing out the Lunar New Year envelopes~ hehe. Ah, I completely forgot to drop off your money today (derp) – I will be seeing you tomorrow so remind me if I forget to give it to you, I’ll be setting a reminder on my phone this time… wish my memory wasn’t so shitty -.-;;

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